Trisha Bernstein skipped her high school graduation (which was iffy anyway) to attend a music festival in Sulani. She hitched a ride on a cargo ship, spent two weeks sleeping on the beach…and when the time came to leave the islands, she realized she had neither the money nor the will to do so.

Her little shack is blue, drafty, and right on the beach. For money, she picked up a night shift at a shrimp shack for tourists. Things were going just fine until a super buff Glimmerbrook guy in town for the weekend showed her a good time, and long story short, her new baby Miranda keeps her awake way too often. At least daycare’s free.

Creating a Challenge

I’m working on a Sims 4 challenge based around the Seven Deadly Sins. Here’s the first draft. Thoughts?

The Seven Deadly Sins Challenge takes your Sims through the worst traits, careers, and aspirations Sim-kind has to offer. In seven generations, experience sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and finally greed.

In each generation, try to embody the Sin as much as possible, and if you think of extra details to make your Sim’s journey more sinful, go for it!  Take your time, enjoy it.  Lean in to sin!  And because I’m a builder, every generation includes a building task to embody the particular sin.

No career. No degree. No spouse. Your Sim has to make and raise an heir, which means their child has to eventually join their household. But how it happens? Meh. The Sim doesn’t care much.

Aspiration:  Any.  They just won’t care.  If you have Island Living, “Beach Life” is a great option.
Starting Traits have to include: Lazy, Slob
Suggested Career: Huh? Odd Jobs. Occasionally.
Additional challenges:  Place your new Sim in a lot, bulldoze the lot, and use the Money cheat to set their wealth to 5k simoleons.  Build them an under-5k house for their lazy slob life.

Maybe it’s because their parent was such a lump of nothing, but this generation wants to SPARKLE. Think celebrity, having their name in lights, being known by everyone! It’s all about fame and influence.  Their heir is an accessory, just like a gorgeous handbag or a great pair of shoes.

Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity
Traits at aging into Young Adult should include Self-Absorbed and Self-Assured
Suggested Careers: Acting, Entertainer, Style Influencer, Social Media
Additional challenges:  Orchid-A-Go-Go?  Orchid-A-No-No.  Make them a lounge worthy of their fame.

With all the resources passed down by their famous parent, this generation wants to have FUN. They never settle down, they enjoy the thrill of cheating and they break hearts with glee.

Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Traits at aging into Young Adult should include Romantic and Noncommittal
Suggested Careers: Any freelance career
Additional challenges: Build the perfect boudoir for your Sim, and let it inspire your Sim to have children with more than one partner.

Whatever someone else has, this generation wants. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, dig, and plunder tombs to acquire important objects, just so no one else can have them. They’re special, and they show it through their possessions.

Aspiration: Curator
Traits at aging into Young Adult should include Kleptomaniac and Jealous
Suggested Careers: Any. Work through as much of the Jungle Adventure tombs as possible.
Additional challenges: Steal at least $50k simoleons of STUFF over the Sim’s lifetime.  Build a room or museum where you show off your ill-gotten gains!

The previous generations’s collecting wasn’t enough. This generation is all about excess. They do whatever they want, as long as it’s WAY too much.

Aspiration: Master Chef
Traits at aging into Young Adult should include Glutton and Foodie
Suggested Career: Culinary (Chef Branch)
Additional challenges: Build them an over-the-top restaurant that embodies the spirit of “gluttony.”

This generation isn’t content to just consume — it wants to CONQUER. This generation takes what it wants through violence, scheming, and other nefarious activities, and if everyone hates them, that’s just fine. Wrath doesn’t want any friends.

Aspiration: Public Enemy
Traits at aging into Young Adult should include Mean and Hot-Headed
Suggested Career: Criminal (Boss Branch)
Additional challenges: Make a hideout for your criminal and their crew.

This generation takes materialism to an extreme. While nearly every sin contains some aspect of greed, it’s time to spend your last generation securing your Sim’s financial and material legacy.  Build a fortune and a mansion so amazing that the family will be remembered forever.

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy OR Mansion Baron
Traits at aging into Young Adult should include Snob and Ambitious
Suggested Careers: Business (either branch), Politician (Politician Branch), Tech Guru (either branch)
Additional challenge: Build a mansion worth at least $250k simoleons.