Murky Hollow

Text reads:  "Welcome to Murky Hollow, Population 24...23...22...  A Sims 4 Storytelling Project.

One of the most popular things I do on Twitch is collaborative storytelling with the chat community. We start with an idea, and I’m the one who translates it into a build, but we work together to come up with the character traits, the relationships and potential tension points, and the ways the story might go. Community members make the actual characters. It’s SO much fun to brainstorm and then bring ideas to (pixelated) life.

Our latest collaborative project is “Murky Hollow,” the total replacement of Forgotten Hollow’s five lots and vampire residents with a colony of desperate survivors fleeing the “Children of the Cowplants” (again, decided together on stream). In Murky Hollow, these survivors from all walks of life have banded together to make a new home and take! a! stand!

Mayor Isamu — no one knows the rest of his given name — is a horticulturist from Mt. Komorebi. Why he was in the Forgotten Hollow area, why he doesn’t try to go home…all of it is a mystery. But in the chaos surrounding the initial cowplant attacks, he rose to leadership based on his strategic thinking, empathy, communication abilities, and surprisingly kick-ass combat skills. Pretty good for a gardener!

As for what the colony looks like, who lives there, and how it operates — we’ll figure that out together. Stay tuned!