The Seven Deadly Sins Challenge (2023)

It’s time for an overhaul of my Seven Deadly Sins Challenge for the Sims 4! The game has come a long way since I last updated the challenge in 2020 — our sinners need some love (and therapy)!

Let me offer a few caveats right off the bat:

  1. You cannot fail at this challenge. It’s about sinning. If you skip, cheat, or change any of the stages, that’s fine! The one thing this challenge isn’t about is following the rules. No pack requirements, no lifestage length requirements, no requirements period.
  2. If anything squicks you out or makes you uncomfortable (or even just bored), don’t do it. Sims 4 is for fun, period. Your tolerance for Sims’ bad behavior may vary.
  3. I don’t mention either pets or livestock because I don’t involve them in the challenge. For animals, it’s best behavior or no behavior at all.

The Challenge:

This is a seven-generation legacy challenge in which one (or more) Sim per generation embodies each of the classic deadly sins: Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Greed. Each generation includes suggestions for traits, aspirations, careers, and bad, bad behavior, but don’t feel limited by my ideas! Enjoy the cathartic drama!

If you’d like to show off your gameplay on social media or the Gallery, I’ll find it easily at #7deadlysinssims4

Generation 1: Sloth
No real career. No degree. Your Sim has to make and raise an heir, but beyond that, they just slide through life. Enjoy napping, drinking juice on the beach, sleeping, neglecting your heir, and going with the flow.

Suggested Aspiration:  Any.  They just won’t care.  If you have Island Living, “Beach Life” is a great option. Fabulously Filthy is another great choice.
Suggested Traits: Lazy, Slob
Suggested Career: Odd Jobs and Part-Time Jobs only
Additional Slothful Suggestions:
Never use “Work Hard.” When people come to your Sim’s house, never ask them to leave. Sleep on the beach. Skip work and/or school whenever your Sim is in the mood. Leave bowls of food on the ground for your toddler heir. Back float in the ocean. Give your Sloth some roommates! Leech off their constant baking, never clean anything, fart during every conversation. Another potential storyline? Lazily find the romantic Sim who will take care of you. Maybe there’s a Sugar Sim out there with neat/family-oriented/ambitious traits whose life you can ruin with your apathy!

Generation 2: Pride
Maybe it’s because their parent was such a lump of nothing, but this generation wants to sparkle. This generation’s Sim will be famous, beloved, and in every way more interesting than their Sloth parent…and they’ll step on anyone to get there.

Suggested Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity
Suggested Traits: Self-Absorbed and Self-Assured, High Maintenance, Ambitious
Suggested Careers: Acting, Entertainer, Style Influencer, Social Media
Additional Prideful Suggestions: Give them “plastic surgery” with cas.fulleditmode when they become a teenager. If you have Get Famous, rule Drama Club from childhood onward with an iron fist. Only make an heir with another celebrity. Send them to multiple Starlight Accolade ceremonies and make them curse and throw drinks when they lose. Live at the spa — you deserve the pampering. Steal the Stars of other celebrities (you can do that, right out of the ground!). Spread rumors. Dazzle. Win.

Generation 3: Lust
With all the resources passed down by their famous parent, this generation wants to have fun. They never settle down, they enjoy the thrill of cheating and they break hearts with glee. It’s about pleasure and conquest. Feelings? What?

Suggested Aspiration: Serial Romantic, Villainous Valentine
Suggested Traits: Romantic and Noncommittal
Suggested Careers: Any freelance career, Entertainer, Artist, Social Media, or Athlete
Additional Lustful Suggestions: See how many kids your Sim can bring into the world. Dance with everyone at Prom except the date that brought you. If you hire a nanny or a butler, find out if they’re up for seduction. See if your Sim can achieve every WooHoo option in the game. Find out how long it takes for any of your partners to realize they’re only one of a crowd. When someone breaks up with your Sim, win them back — and then cheat again, because that’s just the sinner you are. Break up other couples whenever you can — great romance is for you, not anyone else.
Update Notes: OK, I will talk about a NAP from Eco Lifestyle here. “Free Love” is great, but it makes this Sim not terrible as opposed to terrible. It’s your sinning challenge — you do you! But Free Love takes the bad out of bad behavior.

Generation 4: Envy
Whatever someone else has, this generation wants. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, dig, and plunder tombs to acquire important objects they shouldn’t have, just so no one else can have them. They’re special, and they show it through their possessions.

Suggested Aspirations: Curator, Fabulously Wealthy
Suggested Traits: Kleptomaniac and Jealous
Suggested Careers: Any! Work through as much of the Jungle Adventure gameplay as possible. If you don’t have Jungle Adventure, lean in to the Kleptomaniac trait and steal, steal, steal.
Additional Envious Suggestions: Why would you steal TVs and chairs when you could steal things that are important to other people? Look for art, cultural artifacts, trophies, and personal items. Steal from every museum, beat up Father Winter for gifts, and never give anything back. Set up a museum of infamy in your Sim’s basement. Become a vampire so no locked door can stop you. This generation is all about taking.

Generation 5: Gluttony
If the previous generation liked to take, this generation likes to consume. This isn’t necessarily about food — it’s also about overdoing it with nectar, woohoo, travel, partying, and whatever else tickles your Sim’s fancy. This Sim is here for a good time, not a long time.

Suggested Aspiration: Master Chef, Master Mixologist, Expert Nectar Maker
Suggested Traits: Glutton, Party Animal
Suggested Career: Culinary (either branch)
Additional Gluttonous Suggestions: Here’s where that “Free Love” NAP from Eco Lifestyle shines. Make out with ALL the people. Try to learn all the recipes in game. Throw Gold-rated dinner parties. Create a club dedicated entirely to food, drink, woohoo, and revelry, and see how long your Sim can keep a gathering going. If you have Island Living, earn the elusive Gold at a kava party. Skill all the way up in Dance. Throw every possible Social Event. Make ALL the nectar money. Run a food stall full of wildly overpriced items. Experiment with pufferfish. Celebrate, regardless of the consequences!

Generation 6: Wrath
This generation isn’t content with consumption — it wants to conquer. This generation takes what it wants through violence, scheming, and other nefarious activities, and if everyone hates them, that’s just fine. Wrath doesn’t want any friends.

Suggested Aspiration: Public Enemy
Suggested Traits: Mean and Hot-Headed
Suggested Career: Criminal (either branch), Secret Agent (Villain branch)
Additional Wrathful Suggestions: See how many enemies your Sim can acquire. If you have Strangerville, buy a ton of listening devices and bug everyone. Blackmail all the way! Make prank calls, send chain letters and spam money requests, cheat on your partners. See how many deaths your Sim can inspire! Always fight Father Winter for presents. Level Mischief to 10 and be a general nuisance whenever you can. Whatever is rude, vile, violent, uncouth, or smelly, do it. Fight everyone, all the time. Given the extra scare factor of Werewolves, consider adding that to your gameplay. Channel your Sim’s inner Greg!

Generation 7: Greed
This generation takes materialism to the extreme. While nearly every sin contains some aspect of greed, it’s time to spend your last generation securing your Sim’s financial and material legacy.  Build a fortune so amazing that it covers your family’s no doubt expensive legal fees.

Suggested Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy or Mansion Baron
Suggested Traits: Snob and Materialistic.
Suggested Careers: Business (either branch), Politician (Politician branch), Tech Guru (either branch)
Additional Greedy Suggestions: Never waste a simoleon. Keep those lights off when you’re not in the room. Never use the thermostat from Seasons. Go to the Flea Market and Haggle. Try to eat at other people’s houses and events, not on your own dime. Take advantage of bar specials. Sell whatever you scrounge or make, unless it fits your Sim’s vision of their legacy. If you choose Politician for your Sim, use that influence to the fullest — your real cause is YOU. If you have Get Famous, buy a Vault and enjoy all the money-loving activities it allows. If you have Eco Lifestyle, just yawn and roll your eyes at all those eco-freaks running around with air vacuums. You’re in your air-conditioned mansion, and when someone has to go cough in the smog, it’s your butler, not you. Totally have a butler.

For all generations:
If you have the right packs, consider which Occult Sims might be fun. Vampires wrathfully turning the whole town into bloodsuckers? Slothful Mermaids who never want to set foot on land? Gluttonous Werewolves who eat eat eat?

For children and teens:
Lean into those defining traits early. Coast through high school. Have constant detention. Hack and do mischief from the school computers. As a child, rule the playground. Start a club so your little friends can do your chores. Be sassy! Keep it age-appropriate, but you can always sin early, sin often.

And that’s sinning & simming! Check out my content at,, or Thanks for reading!

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